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We Love<span> SME's.</span> <br />Let's Help Grow your <br /><span>Business</span>

We Got Two Nominations and Brought Home One Award

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We Got Two <span>Nominations</span> and Brought Home One <span>Award</span>

Make the customer the hero of your story

Its official that all marketers are liars and that's because all customers are selfish. You can be positioned using well researched strategies tailored to your unique marketing needs to make the customer really feel like the King
Make the <span>customer</span> the hero of your <span>story</span>
Leading Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency in Nigeria

People have different priorities this year and I bet most of us (adults) have that special someone we are trying to keep up with, and there is this old saying that we can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. We have to spice things up a little bit more, come up with more surprises, add new and exciting words into our conversations, and figure out a way to say we love that special someone differently this year.

 Any sharp guy or married man must have been in the process of a chase to convince a lady to start a relationship once in a life time. Most ladies must have had series of experiences with guys trying to convince them to be more than just friends; some are heroic, some tragic while some are just above the bottom line. Just like it is for a man, the processes of finding a partner, convincing her and then extending the relationship to be more than just friends, are also the processes a successful company needs to adopt to attract and retain new customers and clients.

You must have seen some businesses that provide 24 hours services for customers and clients. Some of them are supermarkets, mega stores or service oriented company like mobile telecommunication companies. The 24 hours offerings of some are in the line of customer support and keeping an open line for enquiries. Keeping and maintaining such offices, businesses or services usually require a lot of capital; capital to maintain the facilities, pay electricity bills and pay for human resource and inputs, but there are some that cannot do away with such service provision because of their line of businesses.

The Stone Age has passed; the industrial age is now history, the age we live in can arguably be regarded as the Information Technology age, well is ok if you don’t agree with that. But no one can deny the role of information Technology in every sphere of life and business. This brings me to the sphere of Information Technology that has changed the way Information is being circulated and consumed – Social Media.

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