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We have a lot of people in this country that need to learn what surrounds the reality of internet marketing. There are other set of people that require a process of unlearning, because they are filled with wrong pre-conceived ideas. These people are mostly small and medium business operators trying to open up their business to the online market, however, we still marvel at the demonstration of incompetence or lack of a digital marketing strategy within some large organisations in the country. Don’t push me to mention a few Cool.

People have different priorities this year and I bet most of us (adults) have that special someone we are trying to keep up with, and there is this old saying that we can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. We have to spice things up a little bit more, come up with more surprises, add new and exciting words into our conversations, and figure out a way to say we love that special someone differently this year.

The Stone Age has passed; the industrial age is now history, the age we live in can arguably be regarded as the Information Technology age, well is ok if you don’t agree with that. But no one can deny the role of information Technology in every sphere of life and business. This brings me to the sphere of Information Technology that has changed the way Information is being circulated and consumed – Social Media.

For those who don’t know, Facebook now allows marketers display their post directly in users news feed. Marketers in Nigeria are already making use of this feature; I have seen more than two promoted posts in my feed today alone.

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