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Benefits of Integrating Internet Marketing Strategies in achieving corporate goals

29 May 2013 Written by 
Published in Internet Marketing

For a company to compete effectively in any industry it finds itself, there is need for it to manage and execute its marketing strategy in a way that will place it's offerings at a comparative advantage over competitors


Today's organization is faced with the need to exceed her corporate goals and objectives, which now includes sustainable growth and development; to achieve this, goals in all departments have to be sync with the company's Objectives. As such, they must have specific well-communicated company-wide plans and policies with rigorous implementation strategies in order to remain relevant in today's market.

A key aspect of company marketing strategy lies in her promotion. Today, simply relying on the conventional promotional mix in this dynamic and fast changing global market will leave any company in the drones. In a market where organizations are now positioning their goods and services as a global product, so as to have a share of the world’s over 7 billion population, you do not want your company to be left behind.

The advent of the Internet as we know it, revolutionized the way we view the world: global village, the way we shop: online shopping, the way we meet people and network ourselves: social networking, the way adverts and product communication is delivered to the market: online and mobile advertising.
The importance of effective promotion cannot be over emphasized if a company is to achieve its goals. Therefore, it is noteworthy for “regular” companies in particular to compliment their already existing promotional strategy with Internet marketing. Another reason why organizations have to consider the use of Internet marketing is that, most of her competitors are already reaping benefits from deploying this online strategy and gaining industry-wide acceptance and leadership role, especially among its industry players and the market.
Internet marketing is the only way, in which an organization can directly target its market, positively project its brand, listen, get instants feedback of its products, resolve issues, measure the impact of its promotional campaign, retain and attracts new market, while increasing the chances of a positive word of mouth campaign from her existing customers.

Therefore, many contemporary organizations have started taking the advantage that Internet marketing presents, positioning their brands in the consciousness of there existing and potential markets. Some of them have succeeded in achieving this through deploying some Internet marketing platforms like: google ads, facebook ads, youtube, twitter, foursquare, pintrest, email marketing etc. And they have been able to measure the success of there internet campaign and at the same time taken aggressive steps in correcting whatever challenges their targeted markets are experiencing. Some of the companies that have been leveraging on these platforms on a global level are: DELL,GT Bank, Red Cross etc.
At, we are poised to helping your organization in complimenting your regular promotional efforts with the abundant benefits that Internet marketing presents OR come up with entirely new campaigns that rightly positions your brand.

We look forward to working with you.

Steven Anaebo
Business Manager,
Gavaar Tech. Nigeria
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