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We Got Two <span>Nominations</span> and Brought Home One <span>Award</span>

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Misconceptions About Digital Marketing in Nigeria - (2)

27 August 2015 Written by 
Published in Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing in Nigeria Digital Marketing in Nigeria Gavaar

You can read part one of this post by clicking here. Let's get started with part two.

We have all heard about how digital marketing is the new buzz, the new cool marketing process used to engage millennials, we have heard how traditional marketing is in a permanent decline, and how engagement and conversational marketing is the new deal to get more customers and retain them.  This is all true, but another more glaring truth is, most brands have not tapped into 10% of the real possibilities digital marketing puts on the table, while a lot of others are getting it totally wrong.

The Numbers Might be Deceiving:  

As humans, most times we judge a good thing with the numbers, but we can't blame anyone for this. We associate a good social media account to the amount of followers. We also pass our judgement of how well a marketing campaign is going by the amount of people it brings into our digital channels. This is good. The numbers is good for social validation which is a good step towards association and conviction, but the question is, are these people who your business need to make your bank account feel the impact of your digital marketing efforts? Are these people qualified leads? Are they the required brand ambassadors you need to spark up word-of-mouth marketing even when you are not there?

This is why most companies in Nigeria are giving up on digital marketing, they believe they have put in so much into growing their digital channels numbers, or, they have been getting a lot of people in their mailing list, but they cannot see the corresponding effect of these numbers in their bank statement.

For example, a company that sells a product that cost above $2000 (N400, 000), building its social media channels with a strategy that mostly attracts students or jobseekers, might have a hard time translating its digital efforts to sales.

The whole purpose of marketing is to get your message and brand story in the face of those that will cause a ripple effect that will show in your balance sheet.  So, there is need to build the right kind of numbers, there is need to attract the right kind of people into your digital space, and with the right strategies and tools, this is possible!!


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Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist

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