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We Got Two <span>Nominations</span> and Brought Home One <span>Award</span>

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Make the <span>customer</span> the hero of your <span>story</span>

So many guys to choose from, I get confused

17 December 2015 Written by 
Published in Internet Marketing
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This is the story of a lady, a single lady who is finding it difficult to choose someone to marry. She could be tagged as a lady that is in high demand, because there are a lot of guys proposing to take the path of marriage with her. However, she is challenge with the right choice of guy to choose. The challenge also entails the criteria for her final choice and how to build the relationship to the desired destination. This lady like so many of us does not want to get the choice of who to marry wrong, because there are so many fakes out there, and even salt looks like sugar from a distance.

Let us do a swap, let's replace the lady in the illustration above with your business and represent the various marketing options for your business as the choices available for the right partner. The world of digital marketing is a world where there are limitless methods, tools and channels that can be used to achieve set marketing goals. We are faced with the hard choice of knowing the right mix of things to make our marketing efforts a success. What makes company 'A' succeed digitally probably won't work for company 'B'. The worst situation is when we are on a wrong path, using the wrong combinations of options and we actually believe we are doing the right things.

There are few things that we could highlight that your brand might have a hard time defining properly. Below are some key areas that might be a challenge:

  • Strategy is everything. Once the strategy is wrong the whole marketing drive will crash before ever taking off. The strategy you choose will determine all the options you will take in all the other factors listed below. That's why a good strategy is everything.
  • Choosing the right digital channels to employ. There are different factors that determines the digital channels to employ for a digital drive. Some of these factors include:- the marketing goals and objectives, the target audience, the timeline, the budget, etc. While some of these digital channels include creating a website, creating a software application, running different social media accounts on different social platforms, utilising email marketing, running paid adverts, mobile marketing, search engine optimisation etc.
  • Creating quality and relevant contents for set marketing goals
  • There is the popular phrase - Content is king. Content is everything, there is engagement you want to achieve with your target community that you won't have to put in the form of content. Content could be in the form of written words (text), pictures, audios or videos. Content marketing is a whole world in the world of digital marketing. Most brands and businesses do content marketing wrongly. They don't understand the psychology of their target audiences and how they could create contents to attract them to become advocates for  their brand, but instead, they push out contents that pushes people away from interacting with their brand and they getting better at doing just that. People are not looking to be sold to, they are not looking for products or services - they are looking to gain/learn. If people in your niche consistently believe they are learning/gaining from you, they will eventually look up to you as an authority, trust you and value your business enough to invest money in your products and services. 
  • Growing and engaging the right target audience. The goal with digital marketing is to grow a lalevant to your niche and industry, and get this audience's attention. This involves lots of time socializing, networking and communicating with people across all of the social media platforms, and making 1-on-1 connections with many people.  
  • Generating new leads. Prospects next-to-never make a purchase the first time they interact with a brand online. We need an opportunity to communicate with them a second time (usually, more like 7 times). To do this, you need to capture some sort of contact information from them so that you can engage in a relationship with them.  
  • Converting leads to customers. This is where we ‘close the deal’ and turn a prospect into a customer. Businesses  requires a great deal of credibility, trust and respect and you need to create strategies to ensure this.


In another context, this write up highlights the activities needed for a successful digital marketing effort.

 In conclusion, Nigeria and Africa as a continent is emerging digitally and you need to make sure your brand and company is not left behind.

Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist

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Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist

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