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We Got Two <span>Nominations</span> and Brought Home One <span>Award</span>

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Love is In the Air, So I Hold My Breathe

14 February 2016 Written by 
Published in Internet Marketing
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All over the world, February 14th - Valentine day, as it is popularly called, is marked as a day to celebrate love. A lot of people go with the flow of the celebration while others based on some personal reasons or the other don't really buy into the idea of the whole fuzz. Some believe celebrating love should be a consistent part of the fabric of our lives and should not be an event for just a day, others are just going through moments of blocking out love, probably because they are single, or going through some emotional heartbreak. These set of people get mad when they see others marking the day.


Looking at this scenario, we would understand why marketing  and getting returns could turn out difficult in some circumstances.

The 'air' is filled with Advertising. Everyone is marketing to the same people. The same set of people are constantly bombarded with adverts and brand messages, to the extent that they have consciously and or subconsciously blocked out their exposure or consumption of these adverts every day.

The digital world is overrun with advertising and it can seem almost impossible to stand above the parapet. Even when you do manage to stand out from the crowd, how are you going to ensure that you’ll make that sale, and make sure that they come back to you?

How do you make people that are no longer interested in love find love again?

Well, since today is love day, we are not going to be giving any hint or a solution to these issues, show some love by giving us that marketing contract and we will put in our marketing super-powers to make all your target personas fall in love with your brand over and over again.

Waiting to hear from you.


Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist

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Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist

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