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Why Instagram Stories is Better than Snapchat for Individuals and Brands

05 August 2016 Written by 
Published in Social Media Marketing
Instagram Stories Instagram Stories Instagram

Good artists copy, great artists steal ~ Pablo Picasso. A classic example of this quote is Instagram Stories, a new feature on instagram that is obviously a Snapchat clone. They practically just copied and pasted all of Snapchat's features; in what most Tech enthusiast call the most prolific product cloning in recent times. Incredibly, Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom essentially admitted to copying Snapchat in an interview with Tech Crunch, saying:


 "… They deserve all the credit."

People and brands are already reacting to the new feature on instagram which is just an update away. As a digital marketing professional, I will tell you categorically that Instagram stories is easier for Brands and Businesses to adopt and run with than Snapchat. This is because Instagram is  more user friendly, bigger and more adoptable by brands.

According to Nike and it's Social Media Agency - Laundry Service, Nike got more than 800,000 views from their Instagram Stories within 24 hours on Tuesday which was the first day the feature was made available, while the highest views they ever generated from Snapchat is 66,000.

So why Is Instagram Stories better than SnapChat?

1. Instagram is better built for brand and account discovery: There are different ways you can be found and get more following on Instagram. To get followers on Snapchat people need to know your username and search for you.

2. Most older folks find it difficult to use Snapchat, this is why the social platform is popular among teens and some categories of youths.

3. You can clearly see when one user posts ends and another one starts: On Snapchat, what you see is a progressing cycle that could get confusing, but with Stories, you can clearly see lines at the top of the story, which clearly shows the amount of stories and the progress on each.

4. Instagram stories is more descriptive and easier to navigate.

6. Instagram stories prioritises content consumption over creation: When you launch Snapchat, the first screen you see is the camera page and most users finds it annoying that they have swipe away from that page to consume contents on the platform. Instagram on the other hand takes you directly to feeds.  Most users come to social network to consume content first before creating content.

7. Checking those that view your posts is a lot easier on Instagram Stories.

8. Brands can better run paid adverts on Instagram as opposed to Snapchat. From our prediction very soon Instagram will start running Sponsored Stories.

8. Instagram has been innovating and evolving for years even before Snapchat started trending, so Instagram has a deep level of consumers/users information that can be used by brands for better Adverts targeting. The cross interaction between Facebook and Instagram also makes targeting and discovery deeper.


Instagram does not have as much filters as Snapchat, although some people especially ladies love Snapchat filters, some other people find them annoying.

In conclusion, a lot of loyal Snapchat fans are still sticking with the platform, but only time will tell how long such loyalty will last.


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