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We Got Two <span>Nominations</span> and Brought Home One <span>Award</span>

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Digital Marketing in Nigeria. What to Focus on in 2017.

07 January 2017 Written by 
Published in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing in Nigeria. What to Focus on in 2017 Digital Marketing in Nigeria. What to Focus on in 2017 Gavaar

In 2017, people will embrace more tech solutions and become more technology savvy, they will also grow more impatient as there will be more things competing for their attention. A lot of people will focus on what directly benefits them, resulting in more avoidance of intrusive adverts and promotions.

In the digital space, 2017 is a year for businesses with a well targeted approach to marketing.


Below are highlights of what to digitally focus on in 2017:

Mobile first Approach

Considering the peculiarity of the new age, your target audience and the solutions you are trying to propose, it is mandatory to plan your marketing activities across digital channels using a mobile first approach. i.e. have it in mind that more than 60% of your target will consume your contents using their mobile phones.

Content Marketing is Key

Good, timely and rightly delivered content is the key to the success of any digital campaign. Content is king, so we need to create and distribute educative, strategic and engaging contents to position your campaign message and products as the viable solution to the challenges your target audience are facing. This we can do through the creation and timely distribution of text, video, audio, and quality pictures.

Marketing automation and lead generation

Marketing automation uses software to deliver the most relevant content to the most receptive target audience and better enable them to convert. Marketing Automation will increase your marketing efficiency, enhance ability to generate more and better qualified leads, aid the better alignment of sales and marketing goals, and also Improve lead conversion and ROI (Return on Investment).

Online media buying & Advertising

Paid Advertising has a long way to go in driving instant results, push campaigns, and achieve visibility and scale. You can run targeted Campaign adverts across digital platforms including, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn), Google ADS, Mobile Advertising (AD Networks, Chats Platform), Local Websites, Blogs and Industry sites. A good media buying strategy also includes Retargeting and Public Relations.

Social media marketing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn®, Twitter™, YouTube, Google+, Youtube

Because of its peculiar nature, Social Media marketing should be a major part of your overall digital marketing efforts, and it requires constant and consistent management, with new strategies to grow and build a community of people that are interested in Lighting Africa, Nigeria's drive.

More than 75% of  your primary target audience are on Social Media which represents a unique opportunity to pass your messages across. Social Media Marketing task will involve but not limited to: Profile Creation and/or Growth, Management, Market/Industry  and target audiences research, Posting engaging contents, Listening to what consumers and prospects are saying in real time, Engaging customers and responding to them, Running campaigns-sweepstakes & promotions, Managing social adverts, Crisis and Reputation management, Customers service provision, ROI Measurements and Metrics.

Video Marketing

Since a picture says more than a thousand words, imagine what a video will say. Companies and organisations should display their creativity by investing more in video marketing. Channels like Google, Instagram , Facebook and Twitter supports videos on their platforms.

Search Engine Marketing is Everything

People that finds you on Search Engines will most likely convert to sales or customers more than 60% of the time.


So, Market Wisely..



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