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There is a joint close to my house, where I always branch to take cold drinks on hot afternoons. I just discovered Coca-cola had made a smaller bottle size, now being sold at the same price we used to buy a bigger one. "This is a recession bottle," I mumbled to myself in annoyance. But then, instead of reducing the size, why can't they eliminate the cost of making a bottle to give us more content, and serve the drink into cups straight from a water-dispenser-like device? 

 To make the matter worse, if you buy the drink inside a glass bottle, the mama-joint will not even allow you to take your bottle away in peace, she will collect it back as if it is a rented property. Chai! 
She will even be using style to hurry you up to drink quick, because she wants to go deposit the empty bottles to get another crate of filled drinks. So, I decided to always buy the one inside plastic container and THROW THE BOTTLE AWAY. I will not condone cheating!
The bottle, however, is the biggest secret to the global reach and viral-sales of soda drinks, starting from Coca-cola. Coke was discovered in 1886, and was being sold into glass cups in joints, exactly the way I proposed above. The introduction of the bottle containers in 1894, gave the drink wings to fly across the oceans into all countries of the world, and skyrocketed their sales. The day the internet was birthed, was the day an electronic bottle container was introduced to personal and business brands all over the world. Now you can start a business and give it a global reach from your living room or the other room, provided you can project and market it well on the internet.
Many personal and business brands have made, and are still making fortunes from the internet, while some keep struggling. Your ability to use the internet to your utmost advantage  determines what you get out of it. As a digital marketing company, we at Gavaar want to help our friends overcome the challenges they face in projecting and making money for their personal brands and businesses online. FOR FREE!!!
Fill the form below to ask us any question, or explain the challenges you are facing in projecting or making money for your business online and expect our prompt professional response, FREE OF CHARGE! 
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Digital Marketing Packages for Small Businesses in Nigeria Small Business Packages

Get more leads and dominate your industry with strategic internet marketing packages. Our digital marketing packages include social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing and search engine optimization etc. to get the optimal results. Choose from the three bundles below by clicking and filling out a form and someone will contact you. 

Custom packages are also available, you can Contact us today to get a quote.


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  • N70000 / Monthly
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • N10,000 for social adverts inclusive
  • 2000 emails

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  • N350000 / Monthly
  • Social Media Management/Marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+
  • Blog/basic Website setup
  • Landing page development
  • Website Management
  • Search Engine Marketing / SEO
  • 10 blog posts
  • N100000 paid advertising inclusive
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • 40000 emails



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How I Answer the Return on Investment (ROI) Question ignyte

One of the many challenges we face as digital marketers is the (Return On Investment) ROI question, when a potential client comes to us with a project, some of them demand to know the return on their marketing investment.  It becomes more overwhelming with clients that require you to prove you will meet a set target in terms of their financial returns before giving you the job.


I am usually faced with the temptation of replying such prospects(clients) by asking if they make such demands when they patronise traditional advertising outfits like Television, Radio, Newspapers, Billboards the same ROI question before patronising them? Why is it mostly digital marketers that are subjected to this ?

However, with the understanding that people want proof of value for their money (bottom note: money is not easy to come by these days) and some marketers have wasted people's money with little or no measureable results, I usually give a more professional answer which will sound reasonable only to an understanding and reasonable client.

Below is one of the many Scenarios I use to answer the ROI question

Firstly, your ROI is dependent on a number of factors like user behaviours which cannot be 'precisely' forecasted, probably because the result of your marketing is based on their perception of your brand, it also depends on the price of the products, competitions, incentives, the effectiveness of the campaign and the strategies deployed etc.

We (Gavaar) can guarantee that our proposed marketing strategies are proven ways to increase your bottom-line and we will continue refining them as time goes by. However, in the third to fourth month of activities we will be able to provide an estimate of your ROI based on past experiences and improve on it going forward.

We would expect an increase in sales when you proceed with your online marketing project. This increase will start in the first month and increase over the next 12 months. Digital Marketing ROI is going to increase with time, as we will be building a community, a community of customers and prospects that we will constantly sell the benefits of using your products, and they will be the first to know when you have any new products or package to push out. This customers will also serve as brand ambassadors to sell your products



Assuming your average sale value  is N500.

And a New customer typically buy 20 times over 10 years during their lifetime, which works out to a N10,000 lifetime revenue.

Your profit margin is 30%, meaning that each new customer is worth N3,000 profit over their lifetime.

Let’s be cautious business people, and say that we are willing to spend N500 to acquire a new customer (acquisition cost). This gives us lots of room to mitigate risk, should something happen.

We also need to remember that new customers can lead to more referrals, but that’s beyond the scope of this equation. Let’s keep that potential new revenue out of the equation for now.



Assuming your goal is to acquire 5400 new customers in the year, or 450 per month.

The breakdown below are the various planned marketing activities:

  • Email and Marketing Automation: N200,000 per month
  • Pay-per-click advertising: N400,000 per month

Total Monthly Spend: N600,000
Annual Spend: N7,200,000 (N600,000 x 12 months)

That seems like a lot!

Keep in mind, You have a  total of 5400 new customers that year. Are you profitable in your efforts? Let’s do the math.

New customers = 5400
Lifetime value per customer = N10,000
Total Lifetime Value = 5400 x N10,000 = N54,000,000

Acquisition Cost (price paid to market + find new customers)= N600,000 x 12 = N7,200,000

Grand Total: N54,000,000 – N7,200,000 = N46,800,000
Return on Investment (ROI) = N46,800,000/ N7,200,000 = 6.5 times, or 65%

Let’s say it takes them 10 years to get their lifetime value of a client back, that works out to 65% return on investment per year (non-compounded).

That means, for every N1 invested in your marketing, you will get N6.5 back.

Also note that the 5400 customers is for the first year only. You would be having 5400 x 10 =54,000 by the end of the 10th year. However, the above projection is for the lifetime value of your customer in a year.

Sometimes, it’s not the immediate ROI that counts, it’s the lifetime value. Once you have a solid understanding of how much a customer is worth to you, you can really start marketing. If you have no idea, you’re likely to lose money. Guesswork rarely gets results.


NOTE: The above example is only applicable to a business with a similar model and/or  parameters.



Digital marketing campaign is accumulative. What we do the first week and the first month, increases the benefit and the value of what we do the next month and the next year.




Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist




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Digital Marketing in Nigeria. What to Focus on in 2017. Digital Marketing in Nigeria. What to Focus on in 2017

In 2017, people will embrace more tech solutions and become more technology savvy, they will also grow more impatient as there will be more things competing for their attention. A lot of people will focus on what directly benefits them, resulting in more avoidance of intrusive adverts and promotions.

In the digital space, 2017 is a year for businesses with a well targeted approach to marketing.


Below are highlights of what to digitally focus on in 2017:

Mobile first Approach

Considering the peculiarity of the new age, your target audience and the solutions you are trying to propose, it is mandatory to plan your marketing activities across digital channels using a mobile first approach. i.e. have it in mind that more than 60% of your target will consume your contents using their mobile phones.

Content Marketing is Key

Good, timely and rightly delivered content is the key to the success of any digital campaign. Content is king, so we need to create and distribute educative, strategic and engaging contents to position your campaign message and products as the viable solution to the challenges your target audience are facing. This we can do through the creation and timely distribution of text, video, audio, and quality pictures.

Marketing automation and lead generation

Marketing automation uses software to deliver the most relevant content to the most receptive target audience and better enable them to convert. Marketing Automation will increase your marketing efficiency, enhance ability to generate more and better qualified leads, aid the better alignment of sales and marketing goals, and also Improve lead conversion and ROI (Return on Investment).

Online media buying & Advertising

Paid Advertising has a long way to go in driving instant results, push campaigns, and achieve visibility and scale. You can run targeted Campaign adverts across digital platforms including, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn), Google ADS, Mobile Advertising (AD Networks, Chats Platform), Local Websites, Blogs and Industry sites. A good media buying strategy also includes Retargeting and Public Relations.

Social media marketing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn®, Twitter™, YouTube, Google+, Youtube

Because of its peculiar nature, Social Media marketing should be a major part of your overall digital marketing efforts, and it requires constant and consistent management, with new strategies to grow and build a community of people that are interested in Lighting Africa, Nigeria's drive.

More than 75% of  your primary target audience are on Social Media which represents a unique opportunity to pass your messages across. Social Media Marketing task will involve but not limited to: Profile Creation and/or Growth, Management, Market/Industry  and target audiences research, Posting engaging contents, Listening to what consumers and prospects are saying in real time, Engaging customers and responding to them, Running campaigns-sweepstakes & promotions, Managing social adverts, Crisis and Reputation management, Customers service provision, ROI Measurements and Metrics.

Video Marketing

Since a picture says more than a thousand words, imagine what a video will say. Companies and organisations should display their creativity by investing more in video marketing. Channels like Google, Instagram , Facebook and Twitter supports videos on their platforms.

Search Engine Marketing is Everything

People that finds you on Search Engines will most likely convert to sales or customers more than 60% of the time.


So, Market Wisely..



Contact us today for us to understand your business challenges so we could help develop a strong marketing strategy for your business.

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Is your website fit for business? - What to digitally focus on in 2017 Website_Design_Nigeria_Digital

In 2017, your target audience will become more choosy and highly impatient towards a sub-standard website. Your website is your most precious digital asset and should properly represent your business or brand.

Those running a business or organisation without a website are going to be the biggest losers in 2017.

Below are some checklist to make sure your website is functioning optimally:


1. Does your website design, branding  meet your business goals and objectives?

2. How fast does your website load?

3. Is your website mobile friendly?

4. Is your website optimised to rank high on search engine (what we call search engine optimisation)?

5. Is your website built to convert your prospects/visitors to customers?

6. How relevant are the contents on your site to your goals and vision?

7. Is your website bug free?

8. Does your website provide a gateway to your social media accounts?

8. etc.


Nigeria and Africa will witness more technological development and adoption in 2017, and the year will support the success of businesses with a well rounded digital portfolio and strategy.


Contact us today for a befitting website or digital marketing strategy for your projects or business.

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 Michael Abisuga  

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Merry [Digital] Christmas Merry Digital Christmas

Wishing you a Merry and Digitally Fulfilled Christmas.

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Recession Survival Kit Nigerian Recession Survival Kit

A lot of businesses and individuals are going about life and their daily businesses the wrong way during this not so pleasant economic times. The recession period is not a time to panic and make random business decisions, it is the time to stay calm, be wise and calculate every move.


Let me outline some survival kit every business should consider during a recession:

Make Cash flow a priority. Cash flow is king: Anything you do, always make sure you have a source that gets you constant cash to keep you going. This is necessary so as to prevent your business from hitting rock bottom. Cash flow is the life blood of business so I am sure you don’t want to joke with it.

Reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenses: If your business has some expenditure that does not directly contribute to the company's bottom line, it is the right time to cut down on those expenses. Frivolous things like vacations, parties, sponsoring of events, bonuses & incentives should be carefully examined if they are important at times like this.

Tactically increase your budget on marketing  and advertising: One of the mistakes many businesses are making during this recession is reducing their marketing budget. Rather than reducing your marketing budget a smart business will increase it.  Instead of going into hiding, a recession period is the best time for you to make a statement to your customers that you will always be with them even through harsh economic times.

Make sure you put strategies in place to make sure your business survives: Bill Gates said “In three years, every product my company makes will be obsolete". The only question is whether we will make them obsolete or somebody else will.” You need to keep innovating and strategizing to stay relevant in your market space. Throw more strategies and creativity into your service provision, product development and marketing.

Take care of your existing customers: Don't go out looking for new customers while you lose the ones that are already on your tab. “There is only one boss; the customer, and he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” – Sam Walton. You don't need a heavy budget to provide a good customer service, digital channels can be creatively used.




Contact us today for us to understand your business challenges so we could help develop a strong marketing strategy for your business.

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The Kitchen, Living Room and The Other Room The Kitchen, The Living Room & The Other Room

 Recently, Nigeria witnessed an outburst over its' president speech that his wife belongs to the kitchen, living room and the other room. The issue is a very sensitive one that has generated global reaction with a lot of individuals, bodies and organisation weighing in on the debate, with various views, positions and analysis.

Fortunately, I am not here to bore you with another perspective analysing why someone is wrong or right, or who goofed. Rather, I am here to relate the kitchen, living room and the other room to a business digital marketing operations, because that's what we do. Cool

We will make some representation of some key spaces and throw-in other representations.

Just like the home/house is the building space for every family, your company should have a digital marketing backend, a building space - where you constantly decide, deliberate and prepare how to engage with your target audience(s).


The Living Room

The Living Room happens to be the strategy room, what happens in the living room should decide what you take to the Kitchen. The Living room is where you deliberate on strategy, analyse your current marketing goals and objectives and decide when (time), where (platforms/channels) and how to feed your consumers with your final product. 


The Kitchen 

The kitchen is the place where you cook what your target market will consume. This is your content power-space. It is where you do the dirty work of blending different ingredients, using texts, images, sounds and videos to prepare a delightful masterpiece that your target will find irresistible for consumption. In short,  it is where you prepare what you feed your consumers.  


The Other Room

The Other Room is a very delicate place where the main stakeholders sit and analyse the final outcome of the digital marketing drive. If their marketing goals has been met, If they should continue with the same drive, refine it or discard it for a new strategy. This is where the head of digital marketing goes to present what they have achieved to the head of the company, or where a consultant gives a report of success rate to a client.


That was rather short.  Well, that's because sometimes in life you have to keep somethings short to avoid analysis paralysis. Laughing

Let me know your views and you can also .. .. 


Contact us today for us to understand your business challenges so we could help develop a strong marketing strategy for your business.

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Why you need digital marketing now!! Why you need digital marketing now!!

Only people that have been living under the rock for more than a decade will not know what the internet is by now. But if you fall in this category, don't be shy, call me - 08061126646. Now that we have that out of the way, allow me to quickly list why everyone should consider using the internet for marketing, and why those not fully utilising digital channels should do a reappraisal. 

 1. Most of your customers and prospects are already online and on social-media Web sites. More people, especially young, according to research are spending less time on traditional media like television, radios and more time online.

2. Your competitors are already marketing on the internet, or will do soon.

3. The old marketing—interruption marketing—is in permanent decline. The new ways to reach customers are permission marketing, conversational marketing, and socialmarketing. Without participating in internet marketing, your company simply cannot master the new process of customer contact.

4. Offline (traditional) advertising are particularly too expensive and quite difficult to measure.

5. More important than selling using the internet world is listening to your customers and communicating your brand directly and personally.

At Gavaar, we provide Digital marketing services: Web Development, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing,Online Advertising, Branding, Geo-Marketing etc. 

Don't forget to share this information with people that might also need it.


And do have a great week.



Michael Abisuga

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