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Social media is the collective of online communications platforms dedicated to interaction, engagement, content-sharing and collaboration.

Social media audience research is very important for the success of a business social media strategy. If you don’t know who you’re interacting with, engaging with and advertising with you are wasting valuable time and funds because you are getting the wrong audience.


Follow this steps below for a perfect social media audience research:

Step 1) Make Research on Your Competitors’ Social Media Strategy.

Before you start making research about your competitors, it’s important to do a serious search about them on social media. Are they present on Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? YouTube? Knowing what platforms your competitors are active on will allow for a more comprehensive understanding of their social media strategy. Borrow their best ideas, but adding and coming up with yours gives you an edge.

You should also be paying close attention to your competitor’s descriptions. What keywords are they choosing to describe their company? If they are cool, then pull ideas from their descriptions and incorporate what’s appealing into your own.

Once you’ve understood where your competitor’s strength lies, the next step is to consider if you should also be present on these networks. If your competitors are active on a social media channel and have a good following, then definitely there's a big task for you alerting you to be engaged on that channel as well.

Step 2) Target your audience with social media advertisement

You can reach your customers organically, but the most effective and powerful way to target your audience is by implementing the power of social media advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook automatically allows you to target your adverts by geographical location, age, gender, language, Interests, Demographics and Behaviors.

Preview of a Facebook Power Editor



Twitter Advertising

On Twitter, you can use Twitter Ads, Promoted Accounts, or Promoted Trends to advertise to your audience.

Twitter offers more detailed options. Your audience research might have revealed characteristics about your target customer that you can put to use here.

With Twitter’s detailed targeting, you make sure your adverts add users with interests, location, age, language, gender, behaviors, and using keywords aligned with your findings. However, the platform also has a tool, which allows you to target audience based on their previous engagement and interactions with your content or website. To use this tool, you’ll need a Twitter Ads account.

Preview of a Twitter Ads Campaign



Instagram Advertising

One of Instagram best features is the ad targeting options with your audience research, you can optimize your Instagram ads to better align with your target customers. When creating and running an Instagram advert.

Make sure you use hashtags that are common to your target audience. Take note of the hashtags other businesses in your industry use, and test it.

Be consistent and use it regularly so that your target audience can recognize your content immediately.

Read and understand the above steps to get the most out of your valuable audience research and boost your business.




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Social Media and Defamation Social Media and Defamation

“Social media is a catch-all term for a variety of Internet applications that allow users to create content and interact with each other”.[1]
In the use of social media, one can attract both criminal and civil liability if due caution is not exercised.

Defamation is a civil wrong that can easily be committed in the use of social media.

Defamation simply means the making of a false statement which defames or harms another person’s reputation. It has been defined as "a statement which if published of and concerning a person, is calculated to lower him in the estimation of right thinking men or cause him to be shunned or avoided or to expose him to hatred, contempt, or ridicule or to convey an imputation on him disparaging or injurious to him in his office, profession, calling, trade or business.”[2] Words which defame or harm another person’s reputation are defamatory

“To Publish” as used in the definition means making the defamatory words known to a third party, a person other than the person defamed, by whatever means. In social media it could take the form of posting a comment, image, video, audio, tweeting e.t.c.

Defamation takes two forms; Libel and Slander. Libel is defamation in a permanent form, mostly written or printed words, whereas slander is usually expressed through speech. Libel is written or visual defamation while slander is spoken or oral defamation.

Social Media has made it possible for defamatory words to reach a larger audience within a short time, so the threat that defamation poses is real and great. When one posts comments, videos and audios, comments on a post, tweets or when one uses the social media in any way, one ought to be careful in order to ensure that untrue statements are not made about the reputation of a person. A person who did not create the original defamatory statement but who “publishes” it by retweeting or sharing the post is also liable for defamation.

The law on defamation seeks to protect a person from having untrue statements made about his/her reputation; it seeks to protect a person’s reputation. However, in the unfortunate situation that untrue statements are made about a person’s reputation, thereby tarnishing the person’s reputation, it tries to remedy the situation, by imposing some sanctions on the person who has defamed the complainant.

The tort of defamation generally consists of the following elements
 (1) False statement of fact made about a person;
 (2) The words must be capable of a defamatory meaning or by reason of an innuendo;
 (3) The defamatory words spoken must be spoken concerning another living person;
 (4) The defamatory statement must have been published to a third party;
(5) There must be some degree of fault on the part of the person making the statement;(there should be no legal justification for the defamatory statement) and
(6) The defamatory words must cause harm to the reputation of the person defamed (in the case of Libel, there need not be any harm, it is sufficient that the words are defamatory)

The following defences could avail a person who is alleged to have defamed a person:

Truth: The law would not protect an integrity a person does not possess; hence truth remains a complete justification to defamation.
Fair Comment: For this defence to avail a person, he needs to show that the facts on which he based his comment are true and existing facts, that the matter was one of public interest and that the comment was a fair inference from the facts.3.Privilege: Qualified privilege is a defence to defamation. Statements made in the discharge or performance of a duty (whether it is a public or private duty) or made in the protection of lawful interest would be covered under this principle, provided it is made in good faith and it is made to persons who have a duty to receive the information. Such a statement would be considered to be published on a privileged occasion. It is not actionable even though it is defamatory and turns out to be untrue.

Caution should therefore be exercised in the use of social media, to avoid incurring legal liability.

[1] Social media , available at
[2] The Sketch Publishing Co. Ltd. and Anor. v. Alhaji Azeez  (1989) LPELR-SC.47/1986 


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Social Media Data, Generation and Usage Social Media Data, Generation and Usage

I was a keynote speaker at the just concluded Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) workshop on the Effective Use of Social Media Advertising and Management. I was commissioned to deliver a paper titled 'Social Media Data, Generation and Usage'.

We started the presentation with the definition of Social Media and why it has become paramount for brands to use it to reach out to a wider range of  consumers.

We also examined how User generated content stands at the crux of every social media channel. “While social media provides never ending avenues for communicating, it is the individuals who serve as the influencers not the technology. User generated content produces social currency for marketers because it helps define a brand. User generated content describes the ways in which people make use of social media. This is usually applied to describe the various forms of media content that are publicly available and created by end users”

We moved to discuss what social data is, and its various forms. Social media data typically describes information created and curated by individual users and collected from public digital spaces.

Some of the raw social media data can include:

  • Likes
  • Mentions
  • Impressions
  • Hashtag usage
  • URL clicks
  • Shares
  • Keyword analysis
  • New followers
  • Comments
  • Tweets etc.

We discussed how to collect social data by using analytics tools provided on each social platforms. For example Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Google Analytics. We ended the section on analytics tools by looking at some commercial tools like Hootsuite, sentiment140, Brandwatch, Keyhole etc.

We then discussed declared user social data i.e. data we can get by aggregating  the profile information of social users. For example, age, sex, location, email, phone numbers etc.

We concluded by taking a look at how marketers can use the social data they collect to improve their bottom-line: -

1. Social Data can be used to expand their audience

2. Social Data can be used to uncover and plug leakage in the sales circle.

3. Social Data can be used to find influencers and brands

4. Data can also be used to align content with behavior

5. Social Data can be used to create better products. 

In conclusion, Social data can be used to inform all aspects of your business, from sales and marketing to product performance/development to customer service. Knowing what data to examine and how to draw insights is critical to successfully using it to generate revenue.


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Why Instagram Stories is Better than Snapchat for Individuals and Brands Instagram Stories

Good artists copy, great artists steal ~ Pablo Picasso. A classic example of this quote is Instagram Stories, a new feature on instagram that is obviously a Snapchat clone. They practically just copied and pasted all of Snapchat's features; in what most Tech enthusiast call the most prolific product cloning in recent times. Incredibly, Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom essentially admitted to copying Snapchat in an interview with Tech Crunch, saying:


 "… They deserve all the credit."

People and brands are already reacting to the new feature on instagram which is just an update away. As a digital marketing professional, I will tell you categorically that Instagram stories is easier for Brands and Businesses to adopt and run with than Snapchat. This is because Instagram is  more user friendly, bigger and more adoptable by brands.

According to Nike and it's Social Media Agency - Laundry Service, Nike got more than 800,000 views from their Instagram Stories within 24 hours on Tuesday which was the first day the feature was made available, while the highest views they ever generated from Snapchat is 66,000.

So why Is Instagram Stories better than SnapChat?

1. Instagram is better built for brand and account discovery: There are different ways you can be found and get more following on Instagram. To get followers on Snapchat people need to know your username and search for you.

2. Most older folks find it difficult to use Snapchat, this is why the social platform is popular among teens and some categories of youths.

3. You can clearly see when one user posts ends and another one starts: On Snapchat, what you see is a progressing cycle that could get confusing, but with Stories, you can clearly see lines at the top of the story, which clearly shows the amount of stories and the progress on each.

4. Instagram stories is more descriptive and easier to navigate.

6. Instagram stories prioritises content consumption over creation: When you launch Snapchat, the first screen you see is the camera page and most users finds it annoying that they have swipe away from that page to consume contents on the platform. Instagram on the other hand takes you directly to feeds.  Most users come to social network to consume content first before creating content.

7. Checking those that view your posts is a lot easier on Instagram Stories.

8. Brands can better run paid adverts on Instagram as opposed to Snapchat. From our prediction very soon Instagram will start running Sponsored Stories.

8. Instagram has been innovating and evolving for years even before Snapchat started trending, so Instagram has a deep level of consumers/users information that can be used by brands for better Adverts targeting. The cross interaction between Facebook and Instagram also makes targeting and discovery deeper.


Instagram does not have as much filters as Snapchat, although some people especially ladies love Snapchat filters, some other people find them annoying.

In conclusion, a lot of loyal Snapchat fans are still sticking with the platform, but only time will tell how long such loyalty will last.


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Hurray!! We Won The Best Social Media Marketing Company of the Year Hurray!! We Won The Best Social Media Marketing Company of the Year

Gavaar Solutions Limited was nominated in two categories at the just concluded Nigerian Technology Awards. The two categories are : - The Best Mobile Marketing and Advertising Agency and The best Social Media Marketing Company of the year. We are glad to inform you that we won the Award for the best social Media Marketing Company of the year 2015 at the Awards. All thanks to all that voted. We also appreciate our clients and friends, this will not be possible without your support. This is the beginning of great things.

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Nigerian Businesses and Brands can now run Paid Adverts on Instagram Nigerian Businesses and Brands can now run Paid Adverts on Instagram

Before now, it was impossible to run paid Adverts on Instagram, because the feature was in its testing phase and was only available to some big brands and in some countries. We have had  a lot of requests from clients and prospects regarding running Paid Adverts on Instagram. The Advert feature is now available only to power users in selected locations. We are happy to announce to you that Instagram Ads is now available for brands in Nigeria and we can help you run a well integrated campaign on the platform.

Adverts Formats Include:

1. Image Ads: With image ads, businesses can tell their story through beautiful imagery. Whether it's inspiring people to see your brand differently or to take action, they offer a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas.

2. Video Ads: Video ads offer the same visually immersive quality as photo ads on Instagram — with the power of sight, sound and motion. And now, you can share videos up to 30 seconds long and in landscape format.

3. Carousal Ads: Carousel ads bring an additional layer of depth to image ads. People can swipe to see additional images and a call to action button takes them to a website to learn more.

We can also achieve the following marketing objectives based on your needs with instagram Ads.

1. Clicks to website

2. Video Views

3. Mobile App Installs

4. Mass Awareness

Contact us if you are interested in reaching millions of people using this great marketing channel that uses pictures and videos supported with some text to tell your story.


Some Credits: Instagram Business


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We Have Been Nominated - We Need your Vote We Have Been Nominated - We Need your Vote

Gavaar has been nominated in the Social Media Marketing Company of the year category of the Nigeria Technology Awards. Please click on this link:, then click the technology business category tab and look for Social Media Marketing Company of the year and Click and Vote GAVAAR.

Thanks and God bless you all.

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Understanding Timing Understanding Timing

It is a known fact that everything on earth is dependent on time. The failure and success of a relationship also depends on both parties understanding timing, because for everything there is a time and a season.

In real-life relationships,couples need to understand the best time to make certain moves on their partners.

Timing also have a great impact on your marketing activities. There are times you will get the best results from your efforts. For example:

  • Business emails campaign sent between 9am and noon on weekdays guarantees more open rates than those sent at other times.
  • Posting to Facebook between 1pm and 3pm guarantees much more engagement, because most people need some motivation to get through the afternoon slump, that is if Facebook is not blocked in your office :)
  • Obviously because everyone will be sleeping getting prepared for work the next day, almost no one is checking in on LinkedIn between 10pm to 6am (Monday to Friday).

Timing variations and behaviors also depends on demographic and geography. So it is very necessary to understand your long term and short term marketing goals and objectives.

Timing sometimes are seasonal. For example,you need to understand when it is Christmas, when the roll call is about valentine and schedule your marketing efforts accordingly.

There are no basic rules for “social timing”, because it all depends on what kind of business you’re into,your market and your users/customers. Our advice is that, simply test your online promotion using different time variations. But you can always contact us if you need help in any area of your online and on-ground marketing/branding activities.


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Social Media is the New Gangster Social Media is the New Gangster

The Stone Age has passed; the industrial age is now history, the age we live in can arguably be regarded as the Information Technology age, well is ok if you don’t agree with that. But no one can deny the role of information Technology in every sphere of life and business. This brings me to the sphere of Information Technology that has changed the way Information is being circulated and consumed – Social Media.

Social Media are a set of platforms that give everyone an opportunity to get heard, through sharing of information, pictures, voice recordings and videos. Gone are the days were we wait to get news or views of the latest happenings from journalist and media houses. Social Media has empowered the simple carpenter living in the city slum with tools to share information seamlessly without much bureaucracy (official process) of getting his views about any event or discussion out to the public, a system that can be termed citizens reporting. This is a good thing for the ordinary individuals that have always been voiceless, but activities on these social media platforms can ruin an entire authority, leader, company, celebrity or brand etc. Bad news spread like wildfire on these platforms without a manipulative or political way to put a stop to them. This can be seen in various events that have occurred in the past in the country, how a single blog post or rant of ordinary citizens can spread and go viral within a few days, but with the right strategies and plan a social media crisis can be contained and a bad news outbreak when properly handled can be turned into something positive.

Moving forward; every organisation, business, brand or individual in power should have a social media plan and at the heart of this plan there should be a ‘Social Media Reputation Management Plan’. Reputation Management involves a lot of skills and understanding. It sometimes involves the use of social media monitoring tools to listen to people’s opinion about your brand across all social media channels in real time, so as to contain an outburst before it breaks.

These are a few tips for Social Media Damage Control

  • Understand the situation before making any official or unofficial statement
  • Respond quickly and decisively
  • Take responsibility for the situation
  • Be honest and transparent
  • Don’t be caught in a brawl
  • Correct mis-information
  • Don’t over-inform
  • Remedy the situation creatively (appropriate use of humor is good)
  • Begin a program to rebuild the reputation


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What Marketers can do with Facebook Graph Search What Marketers can do with Facebook Graph Search

Facebook - the most successful social networking platform in the world; with over a billion user base, just extended social to search, with their introductory - Graph Search. You can find more about this feature from Facebook Graph Search official page.

Open Graph makes Facebook a catalogue of user actions: the events your friends liked, the pictures you loaded, the places your friends checked into, what you are listening to on spotify etc. these activities are stored in the open graph database as stories which are made available to other users through Graph Search.

Facebook has proved to be a very useful platform with a lot of possibilities for marketers since it came to prominence, however, this post is directed towards highlighting just three of what is possible with facebooks’ new Graph Search.

Search Visibility:

Marketers will be able to refine Facebook business pages with tags, relevant information, categories and also post authentic compelling contents to position them for Graph Search; just like what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketers do. This process is very important to make a business discoverable by users who might be interested in what your business is offering but turns to graph to search for it. This can also be referred to as Facebook Graph Optimisation.

Targeted Ads:

Graph tracks users’ activities by logging their interactions with the platform and applications, these activities can be used by marketers to run targeted adverts e.g. setting up a campaign that targets users that are interested in fashion and style in a particular location.

Competition & Market Entry Analysis:

Facebook Graph Search is an excellent feature to help businesses and brands to do a research to find out who their prospective customers are, what they are interested in and what they can do to position themselves to capture their customers’ interests. It can also be used to search for competitor, their fans and what they interact with.

Facebook Graph search is still in its introductory stage and will surely evolve. Marketers will also find out new and creative ways to use this powerful social tool. We will definitely keep you updated on how Facebook Graph is evolving and what marketers can do to leverage this social goldmine. Just stay alive :D

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